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Thank God always for the happiness and beauty of life - it is beautiful.
Venerable Mary Potter's Last Words.

Merciful like the Father by Sr Helena Kearns LCM


Merciful like the Father

The Logo and Motto for the Jubilee Year of Mercy provide a fitting summary of what this special Jubilee Year is all about. We see the Lamb of God, symbol of comfort and hope. The image represents the Agnes Dei – the paschal lamb who suffered on the altar of the cross for us and was victorious over death.
From Pope Francis: “The Jubilee has as its centre the mercy of God; it is to be a year of reflection on God’s loving kindness. God’s endless outpouring of love and forgiveness - we want to live in the light of the Word of the Lord and to be Merciful like the Father.”

The Holy Door is a door of Mercy. It is a visual symbol of internal renewal which begins firstly with the willing desire to make peace with God. Through the Sacrament of Reconciliation, we have the opportunity to restore all that has been neglected in the past, and to reshape our lives through heartfelt conversion. When opening the Holy Door Pope Francis knocked on the door with a hammer, using the symbolism of breaking down walls and barriers in the Church and in individual lives.

The call to be merciful like the Father takes us to the heart of the Gospel where every action of Jesus, the face of God’s mercy, models that call. His life makes visible the eagerness of God to offer everyone the gift of mercy, seeking only that we ourselves be merciful. Jesus endorses this with his promise that the merciful “shall have mercy shown them.” (Matthew 5:7)
Recall a time when you experienced mercy and forgiveness in your own life.
Recall a time when you offered mercy to another.

Our Founder Venerable Mary Potter wrote frequently about mercy. “We are creatures of hope and mercy; God’s mercy is our very life, or we should not live.” (Our Lady’s Retreat) As Little Company of Mary women and companions of Mary, we are called to work with the God of mercy, to become a community of missionary, mercy-bearing disciples. In our daily prayer, we implore the God of Mercy to relieve the suffering of those in pain, tormented and dying, and to console all the poor and suffering people in the war torn countries of our troubled world.

Honouring our Marian call let us pray: “Hail Holy Queen Mother of Mercy - we ask you to accompany us every day in the fulfilment of our mission. With Mary on Calvary as our model and companion we give ourselves daily to Jesus Christ – the face of the Father’s mercy.”


Sister Helena Kearns LCM