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Venerable Mary Potter's Last Words.

“Mary Our Model of Merciful Love” by Sr Helena Kivalu LCM

It was to Calvary that our Mother Foundress, Venerable Mary Potter, was drawn and from which came our charism. From Calvary, Mary witnessed in her very being, as a model of merciful love - a love which is real, strong and capable of standing beneath the cross, facing its challenges. That mothering presence calls us to act, as our Mother of mercy did: for the world that is hungry; for love to give hope and mercy to all. Mary’s love is gentle, firm and strong. It’s a love that does not give up, but believes all things, hopes all things and endures all things in God the Father - Merciful Love.

She is the Holy Door of God’s mercy, and acts continuously as an instrument of Mercy flowing to all. As Pope Francis reminds us, mercy comes from Christ through Mary, Mother of Mercy. Mary Potter guides us in her writings: “that we were founded to extend God’s kingdom, (which is love, because without love there is no joy and peace) on earth by making Mary’s Maternal Love reign over the hearts of all, and by striving in every way within our power to help all in their last agony”: a service of mercy and Love.

Our Motto of 2014--------“in union with Mary’s Maternal Heart---------we are messengers of God’s infinite and inclusive love”, connecting with our motto this year 2016 is a strong message to reflect on my life in light of our heritage. We are God’s creation, formed in the likeness of his image for his own purpose. If that is so, the question is what image does God wants us to “be” as his own likeness? Why is Mary involved in this?

From the beginning God called Mary to be the Mother of Jesus. Through her own flesh and blood and by the power of the Holy Spirit she gave birth. Through Mary, Jesus is incarnate in us. God has given us Mary as a mother, for a perfect reason as he addressed from the cross “Woman behold thy Son”. Mary has a mission to perform and so do we. We are called to be a Mary, a Mother of Mercy to all humanity with a merciful and compassionate heart, a maternal love, to mold and form the face and likeness of the Merciful Christ in her children. The mercy that Mary shares with us, helps to form in us the very being of the Merciful Christ. Through Mary, Jesus is present in the continuous “coming to life” of all creation. So too am I, a child of the Maternal Heart, called to act for life by bringing God’s Maternal Love to the world. Merciful love, that is the image God asks of us, an being truly possessed by God and centered on him. The real image of that love relationship will be revealed in our service to others, by living the gospel values that all our actions might express Jesus Christ, present in all and for all.

As Mary Potter says, “we are mothers to one another and to all, to show that Mothers care to all around. With one voice let us be live our charism and spirituality truly. Guided by Mary’s virtues on Calvary. Mau our life in community, in our ministry enflesh that Mother’s Love so that we may bring fruit, the fruit of love.