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Venerable Mary Potter's Last Words.

November Reflection by Sr Veisinia Ha'ungatau LCM



Mary Potter had grown into her spiritual experiences; she had come to a clear understanding that within the sacramental life of the Church was the grace to live in Christ, fully. Mary Potter came to know the humility of God who made Himself small enough to be encompassed by the human heart.

For this woman to be Eucharist was to fully live the Christian life. It was to be little, with the littleness of those who know that only God can empower and change; only God can make possible what seems impossible. To be a person of Eucharist meant that one had to be inflamed with the idea that Eucharist means, Jesus gifts humanity with Himself, with His real and absolute presence.

The command of Jesus to His followers was given at the Last Supper, do this in memory of Me. Do what? Simply lay down one’s own life that the will of God be done. In her own encounter with the cross of Christ, Mary Potter had found that Christ had indeed laid down His life for her. Now she responded centering her followers on the truth that the call of Christ was also to each one of us to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. And who were those friends? The poor, the lonely, the orphaned, the widowed, the outcasts, the sick, suffering and dying of our world.

In Mary Potter’s contemplation of the mystery of Christ’s presence in the Eucharist, she drew to adore and praise the tenderness of God, but that praise and adoration was not the end. The Eucharist drew adoration forth in her soul; it also drew her actions to emulate the offering of life for life. That the world may be one in Christ. It drew her to a deeper understanding of the need for the members of the Little Company of Mary to be women of the Eucharist, motherly and compassionate women, who would lay down their lives for their friends and the friends of God. The little ones, the lonely, the improvised of the earth. The paradox of the Eucharist, the place of union and the place of action was the meaning and motivation of the Charism of those who would walk in the company of Mary, as LCM Sisters, Associates, Affiliates and Great Company of Mary members.

The Jubilee Year of Mercy is coming to a close. Mary Potter’s vision was for the embracing of the corporal and spiritual works of Mercy during her life time, as has been for this special Year of Mercy. Let us continue to engage and make our own these works of Mercy into the next century.

  • How have we engaged and embraced the corporal and spiritual works of Mercy during this Jubilee Year?
  • How do we lay down our lives for our friends?
  • What does being a woman of the Eucharist mean for me?