LCM Affiliates & Associates, Region of the Southern Cross – October 2021
December 9, 2021

For some years now, our LCM Associates have prepared monthly reflections which are circulated to provide spiritual nourishment to the Associate group, Affiliates across our Region and some LCM sisters.  These reflections focus on a variety of subjects, often highlighting the influence that the life of Venerable Mary Potter and the LCM story have on the Associate, but also include relevant social justice issues and feast days in the church calendar.

Over recent months, we have had an increased focus on providing relevant Affiliate & Associate news items and reflections on our Region website and uploading the Associate reflections to the “Associate Only” link on the Congregation website.

 In spite of the restrictions of Covid-19, the sisters in New Zealand have been able to hold their Greater Company of Mary (GCM)/Affiliate Mass in March and August at the Mary Potter Community Centre, Christchurch, both well attended by the LCM Affiliates, sisters, friends and families. The next GCM Mass is scheduled for Saturday 20 November.  Sister Helena Kearns LCM will be sharing a Reflection at this Mass.  Several new Affiliates have joined the prayer ministry following the placement of LCM information articles in nationwide and regional publications in New Zealand.

The following is an extract written by Avanthi Nayani, Sri Lanka, received as an Affiliate of the Region of the Southern Cross 23 October 2021 via Zoom:

 My feelings about becoming an Affiliate of The Little Company of Mary. . .

“Growing up in the Catholic faith, around pious family members and spending half of my school life in a Convent, I have always had a yearning to serve God in whatever way possible. As a result, when people asked me what my ambition was, I had secretly thought that I wanted to become a nun, though I have not mentioned it to them.

I had not taken these thoughts seriously until two years ago when I felt deeply that my life is not complete. There is a hollow space within me that cannot be filled in unless I fulfill what I truly want. Pondering over these, the last two years I felt that I am not happy with the way my life flows. Of course, I carried all these in prayers to God and waited for His guidance. Thus, I came to the realization that I must become a nun. The life of the nuns in the Church, the School that I am employed at, inspired me to think more about my desire.

This inspiration led me to find more about the life of nuns around the world. Surfing through the internet, I came across the stories of Sr. Clare Crockett and St. Bernadette which touched me the most. They could be just stories on the pages of the Web, but I felt their true commitment and sacrifice to serve God. The love they had for God inspired me more.
Thoughts swirled around me; why can’t I do the same? Can’t I dedicate the rest of my life to serving God……

Yet, I realized my barriers. I am 43! Is it possible to become one now?
I might have realized my true desire in life a bit late, but I do want to try in some possible way….

If I cannot be a nun at least I could be someone who supports them in their vocation. So, I surfed through the internet and came across the Congregation of Little Company of Mary.

I am particularly interested in LCM Congregation because they are connected to Mother Mary and they encounter those who are sick, dying and suffering. Most of all, the LCM congregational recognition touched me.  “The God who loves us touches us through the lives of others.” (Mission LCM)

In my life, I have had many experiences where God has really touched me through the life of others. This helped me overcome many obstacles in my life and stand where I am today. Further, I have also felt the guiding hand of Mother Mary at my side, holding my hand and walking me through the darkest valley. I have felt Our Lady’s presence in everything I do.  Very specially, at present, in the midst of a Pandemic, when people around the world are suffering, I felt the need of PRAYERS on behalf of everyone around us. It is very painful to see people around us suffering, our fellow human beings. Though I cannot be with them, they are always remembered in my prayers.”

Prepared by Beverley Neill, Coordinator, LCM Affiliates & Associates.