Prayers for the Dying
August 20, 2020

Loving Father, by your boundless love for every person,
Have mercy on the dying.

Compassionate Father, by the love you have for Mary, The Mother of your son Jesus, Pardon the sins committed in life by those who are now dying.

Loving God, through the intercession of Mary your Mother,
May the dying be strengthened by your gifts of hope, courage and peace.

Jesus, by your redeeming love,
Bring the dying to fullness of life.

Jesus, by the love you have for the heart of your Mother,
Have pity on the dying.

Jesus, through your redeeming grace,
Bring all creation into the realm of your love.

Jesus, look with tenderness on all infants.
May each of these little ones, redeemed in love on Calvary, receive respect and live in fullness of life.

Spirit of God, longing to draw the suffering into a life of grace,
Bring them to your healing presence.

Loving Spirit of God, Advocate and Comforter,
Have mercy on the dying.

Mary, by the love you have for all people,
Pray God’s mercy on the dying.

Mary, by your fervent prayer on Calvary for the dying,
Intercede for them.

Mary, through the suffering you endured on Calvary,
Pray God’s mercy for the dying, that they may receive the merits of your Son’s Precious Blood.

Saints of God, by the love you have for us,
Help those who are nearing the end of life’s journey.

Holy Angels, by the love you have for those entrusted to your care,
Protect all in need.