January 2023 reflection – Margaret Rocha – Melbourne Associate
January 10, 2023

This is a most beautiful reading by the prophet Isaiah. Stunning in God’s plan for each one of us and how joy can fill our hearts, despite our circumstances, especially after our own Christmas experience and on the brink of “entering” a New Year.


A reading from the prophet Isaiah 35:1-10

Let the wilderness and the dry lands exult,

let the wasteland rejoice and bloom,

let it bring forth flowers like the jonquil,

let it rejoice and sing for joy.


The glory of Lebanon is bestowed on it,

the splendor of Carmel and Sharon;

they shall see the glory of the Lord,

the splendor of our God.


Strengthen all weary hands,

steady all trembling knees

and say to all faint hearts,


“Courage! Do not be afraid.

Look, your God is coming,

vengeance is coming

the retribution of God,

he is coming to save you”.


Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened,

the ears of the deaf unsealed,

then the lame shall leap like a deer

and the tongues of the dumb sing for joy;


for the water gushes in the desert,

streams in the wasteland,

the scorched earth becomes a lake,

the parched land springs of water.


The lairs where the jackals used to live

become thickets of reed and papyrus…


And through it will run a highway undefiled

which shall be called the Sacred Way;

the unclean may not travel by it,

nor fools stray along it.


No lion will be there

nor any fierce beast roam about it,

but the redeemed will walk there,

for those the Lord has ransomed shall return.


They will come to Zion shouting for joy,

everlasting joy on their faces;

joy and gladness will go with them,

and sorrow and lament be ended.


Reflection:  This picturesque reading is filled with movie-like illustrations and scenes.

How do you feel reading it?

Try to grasp your emotions, your understanding of God and connecting it with the spirit of Christmas.

Take an image and carry it in your mind and heart through the month.


Writings from Venerable Mary Potter


From Mary’s Conference: 2 (page 20)

Each flower has its own peculiar beauty and is distinct from the others. This is God’s design.


From Mary’s Conference: 9 (page 100)

It would much increase our Love of God if we could only see Him working everywhere. If, for instance, in taking a beautiful flower, we saw how beautifully every part is ordered. If we could look into the depths of the ocean, we should see the same laws given and observed, a special arrangement, a special purpose in everything. All nature is beautiful by reason of this order. All is spoilt where there is disorder.