A life of prayer, compassion and presence

Welcome to the Sisters of the Little Company of Mary

The Little Company of Mary (LCM) is an international congregation of Catholic Religious Sisters who have committed their lives to pray and care for the suffering and dying of the world.

Founded in Nottingham, England in 1877, by Venerable Mary Potter, the Little Company of Mary in Australia was established in 1885 by six pioneering Sisters inspired by the founding vision and chosen by Venerable Mary Potter specifically for this mission.

The LCM mission was established in Aotearoa New Zealand from Australia in 1914, and from Aotearoa New Zealand to the Kingdom of Tonga in 1974.

The Sisters’ lives are committed to being for the suffering of the world, as Mary was for her Son, Jesus on Calvary. The Sisters continue to be dedicated to making visible the healing presence of Jesus in the midst of human suffering wherever and however it is experienced.

Venerable Mary Potter had a vision for the LCM to be at the heart of a wider circle known as the Greater Company of Mary.  Today these companions are the Associates, Affiliates and co-workers who share the Sisters’ journey of spirit and service.