Who we are…

The Little Company of Mary (LCM) is an International Congregation of Catholic Religious Sisters.

The Congregation takes its name and spirit from the little company of women who remained with Mary the Mother of Jesus on Calvary to comfort her dying Son.  When all seemed hopeless they remained in prayer, compassion and presence.

Through prayer, the Congregation’s foundress, Venerable Mary Potter experienced a call from God to devote herself to pray for the dying and that this was to be done in union with Mary the mother of Jesus at the foot of Calvary.  Venerable Mary Potter wanted her Sisters to ‘have a mother’s heart’, to tend with compassionate care the most isolated, abandoned or wounded people.  Venerable Mary Potter had a special understanding of the ‘Maternal’ love of God.

In 1877 Venerable Mary Potter founded the Congregation in Nottingham, England.  In 1885 six Sisters sailed for Sydney Australia on the SS Liguria.

When they arrived in Sydney, the Sisters began in small ways, doing whatever was needed to make a difference to those they served.  Starting with a soup kitchen in King’s Cross, over time the Sisters went on to develop hospitals and health services across Australia.

The Sisters’ reputation for compassion and care lead to invitations to serve communities in Aotearoa New Zealand, the Kingdom of Tonga and beyond.

The LCM Region of the Southern Cross brings together the LCM Sisters of Australia, Aotearoa New Zealand and the Kingdom of Tonga.