Our Mission

“Our mission finds expression through the original, common and constant ministries of prayer and care for those who are sick and dying.  It is expressed in the ministries of the individual sisters and through the apostolic works of the Congregation such as health care facilities and pastoral centres.  It is the call that motivates all service within the local churches and cultures in which the Little Company of Mary is present”.  LCM Constitution 1.03

Though the works of the Little Company of Mary may vary over time and place, there is a constant call to make real the mercy of God, the healing presence of Jesus and the maternal love of Mary for the people they serve.


What we do

The Little Company of Mary Sisters, in union with the Maternal Heart of Mary at the foot of the cross, share in the healing ministry of Jesus on Calvary.

Our call is to:

  • Care for the suffering and dying through prayer and presence
  • To bring hope, courage and new life to those in need

The Little Company of Mary Sisters are women called from all walks of life who have freely chosen to live within community. Prayer and a personal commitment to Jesus is an integral part of our life. We are bounded by common prayer, a simple lifestyle and a vowed commitment to the vision of our Foundress (Venerable Mary Potter) and the mission of the church.

Today, the Little Company of Mary (LCM) and the Greater Company of Mary (GCM) are working to make a difference, responding to the needs of those they serve by:

  • Offering daily prayer for the sick and the dying “that all might have life to the full.”
  • Working with refugees, and those alienated from their human rights
  • Parish ministry/Eucharistic ministers
  • Personal Care Support
  • Providing hospital chaplaincy, prison visiting, and help to women and children in crisis
  • Erin Earth
  • Parkinson’s Australia
  • A community presence to each other
  • Teaching Conversational English
  • Being for Others, wherever that maybe
  • St. John Ambulance
  • Palliative Care
  • Pastoral Care
  • Partnerships in health projects e.g. Timor Leste
  • Visiting those in need in hospital, nursing homes or in their homes
  • Support for the Aged
  • Visiting families in Tongan parishes to make known Mary Potter’s story and the charism and spirit of LCM
  • Providing subsidised accommodation, activities and facilities, to relieve poverty and break down loneliness and isolation, particularly for older people of limited means.  Founded by the Sisters in Aotearoa New Zealand, and now guided by Little Company of Mary Foundation
  • Supporting in prayer and presence (where available) the Australia-based health care ministries, founded by the Sisters and now under the Stewardship of Calvary Ministries
  • Memberships on Boards (in both Australia and in New Zealand)
  • Spirituality Resources

“When God infuses joy into us let us cultivate it and try to give it to others
– Venerable Mary Potter