June 2023 reflection – Anne Doyle – Melbourne Associate
June 9, 2023

In Pope Francis’ homily for the Solemnity of Pentecost, he invites us to invoke daily the Spirit who gives harmony to the world and directs the course of time and renews the face of earth.

This message evokes the question, what part does the Holy Spirit play in our daily life, giving birth to the Church’s Mission.  We live in a world of vulnerability, of challenging and changing times.

This year’s Motto, “Let us go forth on our mission of love…Let us be instruments God can use at any moment”, (Loves in the Heart of Mary) gives us a sense of encouragement and hope.

As I enter the season of winter, I am reflecting on my spiritual journey, the lows and highs, hope, love, mystery, and faith. A time to still the body and mind, remembering those who have had an impact on my life. Each of us experience our unique life journey. I’m feeling humbled and grateful for my health, beautiful family, friendships, and journey as an associate.

“The heart is the symbol of all that is vibrant and life-giving” (Sr Mary Scanlon -Mission of Love.)   I am grateful for the Venerable Mary Potter insights.  June celebrates the feasts of the Holy Hearts of Jesus and Mary.   Jesus was the first lover of the Maternal Heart and Mary was the first adorer of the Sacred Heart.  My heart has been nurtured, with our conversations, sharing the readings and reflections at our gatherings with the sisters, associates, affiliates and retreat facilitators. Given changing circumstances, in Melbourne and interstate, at times we were not able to gather face to face, but we were present to each other in heart and spirit.   It was a joyous gathering at the Melbourne May meeting to hear Sr Mercia and Judy, a former associate, reminisce about the history at the former Calvary Healthcare, Bethlehem.  Their testimony to their ministry was inspiring.  The conversation was a reminder of the gentleness, tolerance, compassion, respect, and love for each person, gifts of the Holy Spirit.  On behalf of the associates and affiliates, we acknowledge and thank the retiring Congregational Leadership sisters and congratulate the newly elected team.  We pray that as associates and affiliates, we continue the sister’s mission of healing and hope.

Let us also care for our world and the environment (World Environment Day June 5th)

As we walk each day, let us remember,

All those who have come before and

Walked these same lands.

Let us cultivate a world teeming with life,

Where a safe enriching environment

Is abundant enough for all,

That God’s love and glory may shine.

Through generations to come.

(Catholic Health Association)