May 2023 reflection – Kathleen Wall – Sydney Associate
May 3, 2023


May is a special month as it celebrates Mother’s Day and like many of you reading this reflection, you will be remembering your mothers, either present today or lost.

I also reflect on being a mother and as an Associate I look to our great mother, Venerable Mary Potter……a “mother” to us all.

We are encouraged in our 2023 Motto to “…go forth on our mission of love …..and be instruments God can use…”(Loves in the Heart of Mary).

Our mothers taught us to be honest, caring, loving, respectful, Independent, resourceful and nurturing.

As Associates, we journey together and endeavour to live our lives with Mary Potter’s mission and spirit within us.

How do we try to accomplish this with the many changes in our world today?

People are feeling very insecure and vulnerable and are searching for stability, strength, normality, and hope.

How, as Associates, can we bring Venerable Mary Potter’s spirit and mission alive?

We can act with love in all our daily encounters with others……we pray daily for all those in need.

We can live our lives with her wonderful spirit of faith, hope and love for all.

Mother’s words ring in our hearts and thoughts….

“When God infuses joy into us, let us cultivate it, and let us try to give it to others”. (Conference on self-examination)

 “Is there anything on earth which represents more clearly the strength and tenderness of God than our Mother” (The Memory of a Mother)

 “Let Mary’s Own go forth upon their mission of love; let them spread love wherever they go” (Loves in the Heart of Mary)

 I recently returned from a trip to Tasmania and one of the most moving visits was to the ‘Seahorse’ farm……here a team of truly inspiring staff take on the task of nurturing the seahorse…..their birthing and growth to adulthood….so that their numbers are retained and future generations can witness these wonderful sea creatures. This trip was very close to my heart as my dear mother Bonnie was the seahorse’s greatest fan. As I held one in the palm of my hand, I felt truly privileged and connected to her.      Kathleen