September 2022 reflection – Frances Brown – Canberra Associate
October 2, 2022

Dear God,

We celebrate spring’s returning and the rejuvenation of the natural world. Let us be moved by this vast and gentle insistence that goodness shall return, that warmth and life shall succeed, and help us to understand our place within this miracle. Let us see that as a bird now builds its nest, bravely, with bits and pieces, so we must build human faith. It is our simple duty; it is the highest art; it is our natural and vital role within the miracle of spring: the creation of faith.

Mr Curly’s annual spring concert for ducks

Spring – Michael Leunig

From the Mary Potter calendar, 1 September –
Mary Potter, “We possess nothing but what God has given us.”

What we have been given with the promise of new life and growth in the spring garden is hope eternal, and trust in the rhythm of the natural world. Bulbs will continue to sprout, and flowers will continue to bloom. These miracles are gifts from God and reminders that even though we anticipate their arrivals and blooms each spring, there is still an awe and appreciation that nature has once again, delivered on the transformation of the winter garden to a thing of colour, beauty, and perfume.

Spring provides us with hope, that there remains, new growth and transformation for all God’s creation. Spring is a literal and figurative time when there is an awakening and an invitation for us to also give ourselves over to God and allow ourselves to grow and flourish.

Spring is a time for us to see the synergies and trust in the cyclical nature of our own spiritual development. It may feel at times that we’ve been buried, but maybe we have been planted – ready to sprout and grow.

Like the birds that nest and the flowers that bloom, may we all accept the God-given gifts that we’ve been given and use what we have, to spread love and light with all that we encounter.

“Where will you find God? In that spot, in that work duty calls you to.
(Mary Potter, The Human Family)