February 2024 reflection – Sr Helen Kelly LCM
February 7, 2024

Yesterday walking along the Bay, I was ‘introduced’ to a local blue tongue lizard by a fellow walker, he was explaining it was here every day as I was just exploring the newly made pathway open after 5 months repairing of the sea wall. Today it had ventured out from its protected home to bask in the sunshine, camouflaged by the local foliage.

I was reminded of our LCM Motto for this year ‘Live depending on God…therefore in Hope’, a reminder that we are also invited each day to check the weather on our journey with the words of Mary Potter, focussed as she was throughout her life on the will and the presence of God.

Our world and its people have been through many challenges in 2023, natural floods and fires and war ravaging so many places bringing death and destruction and homelessness to many and many families finding it hard to survive with the rising costs of living. There is a great need for peace in our world, Life is at once full of life and so fragile. Mary Potter’s words I remember, ‘Our Life is to be a simple life’ and our needs like that of the blue tongue lizard is for a safe place to live, nourishment and to enjoy the sunshine of each day- yet for many this is not possible.

Our challenge is to live this same LCM Mission as Mary Potter did ‘to live our lives depending on God…and in hope’ and to be there for others as Mary was for her Son, Jesus, on Calvary – in our homes, our communities, with our neighbours and those we meet along the way. We have Pope Francis also for a guide in ‘Laudate Deum’, as he says, ‘our care for one another and our care for the earth are intimately bound together… and the effects of climate change are borne by the most vulnerable people, whether at home or abroad’…

As we have moved from our Christmas and New Year Season in to the ‘ordinary times’ of the Church year and our lives, we will soon begin our Lenten Season as we reflect again on the mission of Jesus and our Mission.

As we come together as a Region for our Assembly with the support of our Associates and Affiliates, may we remain open to the Assembly logo, ‘Embracing the reality of our future together’.