June 2022 reflection – Kathleen Wall – Sydney North Associate
June 29, 2022

Our Motto for this year 2022 – “Love is the beginning and the end of all things”
(Conferences H, Conference 22. Venerable Mary Potter)
……asks us to look deep into our own self and daily find love in all our actions.
This love holds no barriers or distinctions it should come naturally, freely and without reservation.

This month we celebrate the Holy Spirit on Pentecost Sunday 5 June.
It reminds us …. that the promise from Jesus that God would send the Holy Spirit was fulfilled.
The heart of that spirit is love.
There is not a greater power in life than love. (The Human Family)

How in my daily life do I offer love and in what form is that conveyed?

As Associates of the Little Company of Mary we are filled with Mary Potter’s words…

We should love and pray by the Holy Spirit as Mary did, and ever bear in mind that it was on Calvary that Jesus earned for us this grand outpouring of His love and mercy, His Holy Spirit. (Mary’s Conferences)

We, as members of the Greater Company of Mary, can, in our own way, strive to live our lives in love for others in many ways.
This can occur in the very simple ways in which we connect with others daily.

In my Volunteer Pastoral Care service there are many opportunities when just being present while sitting and listening to a resident I can offer my full, unconditional love by attending to them. Mary Potter has taught us that there is no greater gift than ‘being for others’, and this spirit of connection with her is what stirs within us as Associate members of the Greater Company of Mary.
Let Mary’s Own go forth upon their mission of love; let them spread love wherever they go.
(Loves in the Heart of Mary)

Living a life with love, prayer and hope can present many challenges in the present world climate, but by being challenged, our own spirit is called into action.
It is, I believe, the small acts of love, kindness, hopefulness, attendance, and grace performed in our daily lives as Associates that connect us with Mary Potter’s spirit ….to continue her vision and mission for others.

I turn to you who really love Mary and who wish to imitate her, and I ask you how you can become like that most perfect Mother unless you are imitating her in her Mother-love for others. (Mary’s Call)