As I was Called to Mission as a Counsellor
December 8, 2020

During this year I was called to mission as a student counsellor at St Joseph’s Business College, Diocese of Tonga, while participating in the Diploma in Counselling Course.  I was grateful for this opportunity and looked forward to embracing all new learnings.  I was excited to have this opportunity and was pleased to have this role with no expectations as to what may happen.

I received many graces in being present to the life of students many of whom were in most difficult situations.  Every day I was part of many different stories of life from the students which were both beautiful and sad.  All students were from varied paths of life, different faiths and economic backgrounds.

The input Sessions during the course reminded me of our Marian call – being one with Mary, Mother of God at the “FOOT OF THE CROSS ON CALVARY”.  I felt I had embodied her listening heart, compassion, empathy, way of being, way of relating, love and prayers, together with what I had learnt from participating in the Counselling Course.  The resources accessed are great tools to use for healing and growth in many situations.  Yes, only true love can respect life and bring healing to those experiencing some personal difficulties.


Through the precious and sacred moments shared, I felt God’s presence among us all.  It was a moment of joy when those being listened to, were able to go freely and peacefully.  I helped by standing faithfully beside them whilst giving support, respect and love.

I felt I had witnessed the importance and beauty of our LCM charism which Mary Potter laid for us as our work of charity.  To embody that Spirit of Calvary deep in us, the Maternal Love by assisting and praying for those in need.  The needs can be physical, emotional and spiritual.

The many and varied experiences gave me a deeper understanding of Mary’s Spirituality on Calvary and a deeper meaning of being one with Mary, Mother of God.  God has given me a mission to be a true friend of the dying, a friend who is faithful to the end, a friend who can accept, respect and be happy to be with those in need, no matter who and how.

I feel that whilst I am a giver, I have also become the receiver.  I receive something of the fullness of heaven that the Spirit activates in my relationship with students who I have encountered with during some of their personal and difficult times.  I am also healed by those to whom I seek to bring a healing presence.

In these days now, I stand in the height of Calvary joining Mary in singing her Songs of Thanksgiving for this beautiful experience.  God has given me this time which has deepened my faith, trust and love for Him.

Sister Helena Kivalu LCM