Living as an LCM
November 30, 2020

From the time we responded to the call to Religious Life in the Little Company of Mary our lives are guided by our charism in the spirit and mission of our Founder Mary Potter.

Our particular vocation calls us to reflect, pray and ponder as Mary did “Mary treasured all these words and pondered them in her heart.” (Luke 2:19).  Throughout Mary’s life she patiently pondered on every event holding all the memories within her soul complete with all the tension that they brought.  Thus when Mary stood beneath the cross of Jesus and watched him die – and there is absolutely nothing she could do to save or even protect him, she pondered and held all her sorrow and suffering in her heart.

The LCM ministry calls us to stand daily with Mary on Calvary in prayer for the poor, suffering and dying of our world.  Due to advancing years physical presence with the dying is mostly not possible for most of us in Christchurch.  I manage occasional visits to people in Rest Home and Hospital Care.  There are three LCM’s living at Mary Potter Courts Retirement Centre.  In our daily lives we aim to be a hospitable and welcoming presence to one another, our neighbours and to all we meet.  Some of our Residents belong to the Greater Company of Mary; we receive frequent requests for prayer.

Residents unable to attend Sunday Mass attend a Liturgy and receive Holy Communion on Sunday morning followed by morning tea in my apartment.  Once a week Mass is celebrated in the Mary Potter Centre for Residents and others and the Sacrament of the sick is administered during the year.  Some Residents recently asked about our Founder, also what we used to do our younger days and where we worked.  To respond and tell our story an information afternoon was held with a power point presentation of archival photographs of the early Sisters, staff and Hospitals.  It was an opportunity to speak about our Founder and her life.  Among the people who attended were three ex staff members, the afternoon was much appreciated.  No matter our age or disability we give ourselves daily to serve Jesus under the maternal protection of Mary our Mother.

Sr Helena Kearns