Integrity in Ministry – Australia
This document serves as a code of conduct for Catholic Clergy and Religious in Australia. Integrity in Ministry acts as a code of conduct for Clergy and Religious which sets out behavior that integrates both Religious and day-to-day Ministry.
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Integrity in the Service of the Church – Australia
This document is a guide and code of conduct for any lay person involved in work with the Church. This includes Employees, Volunteers and Contractors.
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Towards Healing
Towards Healing is an internal church document that outlines the Churches response to complaints of abuse and the procedures that must be followed after a complaint is made to a Church authority.
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Integrity in Ministry – New Zealand
Published in 2000 this sets out guidelines of professional standards for clergy and religious.

National Code of Ethics for Church Volunteers – New Zealand
Published in 2003 this is a short statement for all volunteers in ministry.
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Journeying Together Hikoi Tahi – New Zealand
Published in 2006 this sets standards for Catholic Youth and Young Adult Ministry. It includes comprehensive guidelines on recruitment and behaviour.
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Standards for Volunteers and Employees in Ministry – New Zealand
Published in 2011 this is a short document setting out a safe recruitment process for volunteers and employees.
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